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July 19, 2012

How to Assig access rights in Axapta between users

 How to Assig access rights in Axapta between users

Assignment of access rights for the users is a very frequent task. This script helps to assign or replicate the access rights between users instantly.

// Script for assigning/swapping access rights between users.
static void assignAccessRights(Args _args)
UserGroupList groupList,groupListIns;
str 10 frmUser, toUser;

frmUser = 'usr1';
toUser = 'usr2' ;

// To delete the existing permissions of the toUser
delete_from groupList
where groupList.UserId == toUser;

while select groupList
where groupList.userId == frmUser
info(strfmt('Group assigned: %1',groupList.groupId));
select forupdate groupListIns
where groupListIns.userID == toUser
&& groupListIns.GroupId == groupList.GroupId;

groupListIns.UserId = toUser;
groupListIns.GroupId = groupList.GroupId;
info(strfmt('Permissions changed from: %1 to: %2',frmUser,toUser));


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